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In the local Raeto-Romansh language, the term “Engadina' means garden of the river Inn, whose source rises below Piz Lunghin.
On its way through the Engadin valley, the river Inn also passes through the park of the Maloja Palace.

The Engadin is a unique region, basking in around 320 days of sunshine every a year.
In summer as in winter, the combination of a wide range of recreational activities on offer, legendary local
gastronomic specialities, beautiful architecture and a unique atmosphere attract numerous visitors from all over the world.
The photo shows the White Church built by Count Camille de Renesse and now managed by the Segantini family.

In Engadin, the quality of food and wine is second to none.
The area has a thriving restaurant community and diners are spoilt for choice in terms of the variety of dishes.
Local specialities like Pizzoccheri, Capuns, Maluns, Pizokels, Grigioni barley soup and Plain in Pigna are definitely worth trying.

In the Engadine, Capuns are synonymous with traditional fare: as far back as the 18th century, mountain communities
were enjoying this dish, consisting of little roulades made from a dough of flour and egg, stuffed with sausage
or meat and wrapped in Swiss chard leaves, then baked in the oven with cheese.

In winter especially, the area offers traditional cheese dishes like Raclette and the 'Glacier' fondue
originating from Pontresina, plus many other variations on the theme.
There is also an enticing range of desserts, which are guaranteed to provide the energy required to enjoy the area's famous outdoor lifestyle.