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Our fight against CO2 emissions

We are the first large hotel in the Engadine to offset the CO2 emissions of all our business activities.

We think that spending holidays in the Engadine is fantastic but it often causes unwanted negative effects on the environment that we must limit.
From today, all the activities of our hotel impacting the environment will be offset thanks to the LifeGate's Impatto Zero® project. We are aware that the compensation of CO2 emissions is only a temporary measure whilst we need to heat our structures and transport our stuff with less environmental impact, but at the moment we think it represents the fastest and most efficient option.
In parallel we are evaluating ways to limit CO2 emissions by heating water and premises by using solar or electric systems (all the electricity we purchase is produced from renewable sources) without using artificial gas.

What does this mean for you?
As we are the first large hotel in the Engadine to offset CO2 emissions, staying with us will make it your most sustainable choice.
Your experience will not change: neither the rates and the hotel services nor the safety conditions will be compromised by our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

What is the compensation of CO2 emissions?
The compensation of CO2 emissions is achieved by supporting energy efficiency projects in developing countries that can reduce the production of CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, balancing those produced elsewhere.
In other words, for every ton of CO2 emitted by our hotel there must be one ton not emitted into the atmosphere elsewhere.
To achieve this result it is necessary to invest in interventions that reduce or absorb the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, such as those chosen by LifeGate's Impatto Zero® project.
This is possible because a ton of CO2 has the same impact on the environment regardless of where it is emitted.